Intelligent Procurement Services

A qualified supplier of:
• Process Packages including:

• Oily Water Treatment
• Reuse Treatment Packages (ZLD, HERO …)
• Energy Recovery Device (ERD)
• Demin Water Treatment
• Spent Caustic
• Water Treatment (NF, UF, RO & EDI Packages)
• Wastewater Treatment: Disinfection Packages (Clo2 Package, UV Package, Ozonation Package)
• Industrial Waste Water Treatment Package

• High Pressure Pumps, Feed Pumps, Dosing Pumps
• Compressors, Blowers, Centrifugal Decanter
• RO Membranes, UF Membranes, RO pressure vessels , Cartridge Filter
• Valves, Pipes and Fittings
• Part Tajhiz-e Arka Co. (PTA Co.) is a well-known trading company for valves, pipes and fittings for Oil, Petrochemical, Chemical and Power industries that could prepare an in-house Intelligent and fast Ordering system in Middle East(related link) , trusted by high profile customers since 2018. Our reliability is confirmed by various approvals and certifications for customers, making PTA Co. as one of the most important suppliers for engineering companies in energy and chemical industries.

• Complete Product Range in one step
• PTA Co. offers complete range of Gate, Globe, Check and Ball Valves in forged and cast materials in one step.
• High Quality Materials
• We source quality materials only from reliable suppliers who are qualified by international quality standards.

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