Our Values
Quality , Planning , HSE
Part Tajhiz Arka
Is A Commercial Company
Construction of piping support
Expansion joint
Miter bend & etc.
Intelligent Procurement Services
Pipe, Fitting, Valve
Part Tajhiz Arka

Part Tajhiz Arka is a Commercial Company, Part Tajhiz Arka is a privately owned independent, joint stock company founded in 2018, We are in the business of Engineering & Procurement of Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals Power Plant, Water & Waste Water treatment and industrial Plant. Our outlook is global and the world is our marketplace. The main focus of the company's activities is based on customer satisfaction, and we are trying to use yesterday's experience, and today's knowledge" to grow tomorrow

Process Packages
Waste Water Treatment Unit
Water Treatment Unit
Compressor & Blower Supplier
Supplier of various types of pumps included High
Pressure Pumps, Feed Pumps, Dosing Pumps
Preparation of chemicals and resins
Preparation of RO Membranes, UF Membranes, RO
presses and filter cartridges
Procurement of power tools and instruments and control from reputable brands
Supplier of pipes, alloy fittings and related valves
Manufacture of any equipment in the wastewater and water industry, including package polyelectrolytes, mixers (fast, slow and static), sand and carbon filters, sanitary packages

Bulk Material







Our extensive resume consists of over 70 completed projects

Long Standing Support

We provide special process packages , for oil , gas and petrochemicals industries .

Part Tajhiz Arka Co.

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Manufacturing, Commissioning, Training and After sales Services

نوآوری فناوری و تامین محصول توسط پارت تجهیز آرکا

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نوآوری فناوری و تامین محصول توسط پارت تجهیز آرکا


نوآوری فناوری و تامین محصول در پارت تجهیز آرکا

Intelligent Procurement Services

نوآوری فناوری و تامین محصول توسط پارت تجهیز آرکا

Engineering Services

نوآوری فناوری و محصول توسط پارت تجهیز آرکا


نوآوری فناوری و محصول توسط پارت تجهیز آرکا